31.10. 2012

What is this UUS TUUS?

Why the blog? Uus Tuus means New Cool. For years I had this folder on my old PC where I collected all the coolest ideas on DIY, fashion, decor or techincs. Then the internet grew even bigger and I started gathering cool links in my bookmarks bar. As a pretty social person I was always chating and e-mailing to different friends “oh check this new cool thing out – oh check that new cool thing out”. And then I went “hell, it would be so much easier to just put this stuff all together online so I can access it wherever and whenever I want” so I made this place as an archive of all the treasuers I find. Then one day I checked the page’s stats and found out that I have thousands of readers and went all OMG and happy.

Helene Vetik. After about a decade in creative advertising, being in bands, TEDx speech, designing things from socks to skin scrubs & participating in all the creative competitions possible, we opened a creative studio with my best friend Karl. The studio is called Hmmm and mostly we work in the smart branding area, but actually it’s kind of lets just do awesome things kind of studio. If I have to go way back, I’m an Estonian Art Academy graduate where I actually teach nowadays. As a kid I wanted to be an actress, because I wanted to have a chance to become everybody, turns out you don’t have to be in a play to work that part of your life out.

Social media wise I not only blog, but also run a twitter, pinterest, bloglovin, instagram – the full package.

If you have any collab ideas, tap me an e-mail to uustuus@gmail.com

As you can see I occasionally model, design accesories, am Adidas Stellasport ambassador, shoot streetstyle at festivals and live my blogger life to the fullest. I’m up for adventures.

KENZO x H&M ambassador
Miss Manga Punky collab for L’Orealheleneriverislandxmas-33
River Island X-mas collabhelene_anrike_rave
Editorial for Design Scene, photo Anrike Pielflow_uustuus_newkewl
Streetstyle hunting at Flow Festival Helsinki, photo Eva-Liisa Orupold
Adidas STELLASPORT ambassador

Summer looks for H&M Positivus collab, photo Vika Anisko841060_576197142409057_1074068526_o
Visiting Marimekko factoryhelenevetik_toomashendrikilves1
Accepting design awards with the president of Estonia Toomas Hendrik Ilveshellookshelene
Helene in the Hellooks
Shooting for The Whitepepper clothing

Lushious Lush meeting in Riga

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