06.07. 2011

Wiggle Wiggle Yellow Middle

Jee uustuus on toidublogi nüüd. Eiole ka. Aga see muna on väga tuus. Toores muna tuleb panna mitte liiga veniva suka vahele ja siis ringi spinnida täiega ja siis ära keeta ja tuleb omlett muna sees nagu. Mulle tegelt munad eriti ei maitse, aga see paistab tuus. Sealjuures enne õige ttulemust läheb mingi paarsada muna pekki. Muna-muna-muna. Üks munalaul ka vahele!
Is my blog turning into a foodporn blog? Not quite, but I love this omlette incide an egg idea! So take a raw egg and place it into a sock/tights. Spin it as hard as you can for at least 10 minutes. yes this will wear you out :D When the yolk stops making a moving sound, I guess it has broken incide an egg and shaken up. Then just boil it as usually! After boiling hold it in an ice cold water for a couple of minutes so the shell will come off easily.


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