13.09. 2016


“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”
Coco Chanel

MoeKunstiKino uuestisünd iseseisva festivalina andis ka mulle disainerina inspiratsiooni visuaale elavdada ja värskendada. Nii sündis isemoodi kontsept “kõigest” läbikäinud kehast mida ehivad elamustest saadud märgid ning annavad talle ka sõjardlikku komuflaaži powerit.

MoeKunstiKino toimub 6.-12. oktoober, piletid on juba müügil Piletilevis ja Kinos Sõprus seansihinnaga kõigest 6 €. Täpsemalt saab kõige tuusaga tutvuda vastaval kodulehel moekunstikino.ee ja mina omaltpoolt eputan, et teen sissejuhatuse meie seast küll kehana lahkunud, kuid vaimuna elavale Anna Piaggi filmile.

Kohtume kinos ja moes :)

Fashion Film Festival is reborn as independent festival this time around and I got extremely inspired by everything that happened to us on the way & translated it into the concept of this year’s graphics. You can see a body dressed in mud armour, empowered by it & wearing it proudly.

Fashion Film Festival is taking part on 6.-12. October, the tickets are already on sale in Piletilevi and Sõprus Cinema, for only 6€ a piece. You can get friendly with full awesome programme at the homepage moekunstikino.ee & I’m also quite proud to be the presenter for Anna Piaggi movie, she’s gone from the physical world, but her spirit oh her spirit!

See you in the movies and in fashion ;)


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