25.10. 2016

just because I’m busy, doesn’t mean I don’t love u





Fake freckles, real freckles,
fake filters, real pictures,
true love, don’t care,
cool outfits, I’ll be there.

Me and Madis kicking love in the guts with KENZO x H&M by Eva-Liisa Orupõld.

Tallinn 2016.

kenzo-hm-madis-helene-3 kenzo-hm-madis-helene-6 kenzo-hm-madis-helene-5 kenzo-hm-madis-helene-10 kenzo-hm-madis-helene-12 kenzo-hm-madis-helene-8 kenzo-hm-madis-helene-13 kenzo-hm-madis-helene-14 kenzo-hm-madis-helene-19 kenzo-hm-madis-helene-18 kenzo-hm-madis-helene-20 kenzo-hm-madis-helene-24 kenzo-hm-madis-helene-25 kenzo-hm-madis-helene-26 kenzo-hm-madis-helene-31 kenzo-hm-madis-helene-34

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