13.04. 2018

I’m Conscious and I’m Exclusive


Photography: Eva-Liisa Orupõld; Location: Sfäär resto; OOTD: H&M Conscious Exclusive SS18; Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Kui väga art deco femmena annab ennast tunda? No ikka väga. Koos H&M Conscious Exclusive imeliste fäänsi-päänts rõivastega esitlen ka soengut mida tunnetepuhangus endale üks õhtu vannitoas lõikasin. Kurvastasin, et juuksed on nii pikaks kasvanud, et ei lähe enam lokki, mõtlesin, et noh toome lokid tagasi, aga kahjuks pole nad naasnud. Ei tea kas stressist või millest, aga ajutiselt olen kahupea.

Exclusive kollektsioonist aga. Nagu ikka meeldib mulle ajastutega samastuda ja näidelda kord üht kord teist dekaadi ning selles seerias on nii 30’te hõngu kui ka 70’ndaid. Glamuurne hipinaine annab oma puukottaga pikki vahtimist ja hõljub seejärel suitsupilve sisse minema.

Olulist infot ka sekka – 19. ja 20. sajandi alguse Rootsi kunstnike Karin ja Carl Larssoni loomingulisest kodust inspireeritud kollektsioon on saadaval valitud H&Mi kauplustes kogu maailmas, sealhulgas Tallinna Postimaja kaupluses, ning e-poes alates 19. aprillist.

How art deco femme fatale can you feel? A lot. With these H&M Conscious Exclusive clothes, I bring you 30’s vibes mixed with 70’s, kick bad guys with my woody wedges and smoothly fade away into the smoke. Somehow in these photos, my love for grand decades is mixed in between two fashion eras. By the way, it’s also a debut for my new hairstyle which I cut recently during mixed feelings night. I was sad that my curls are gone and thought that it’s due to the long hair, cut a third of the length off in the bathroom, but surprise, curls did not return. I guess it’s because of some massive stress. But what can one do?

But about the collection, I’m wearing – the H&M team’s catalyst for this year’s lineup was the artful home, life, and work of Carl and Karin Larsson. Carl is one of Sweden’s most famous artists, known for his intimate and idyllic—or saccharine, depending on one’s point of view—depictions of his family’s life in the country at Sundborn. The collection is available in selected stores and online since April 19.

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