05.11. 2016

VooStore. Berlin. Celebrating Ordinary.

Mulle väga meeldib kui veebipoed mis müüvad edasi erinevaid kaubamärke teevad selliseid koond-editoriale ja VooStore Berlin teeb just seda õiget asja. Siit tuleb 2 lemmikpilti nende viimasest seeriast ja rohkem poe oma saidil.
I love when concept stores shoot their own unique editorials and VooStore is doing just that, some nice fresh editorial material right there. More on their website, but 2 of my favorite pictures right here.

Photographer – Rita Lino
Stylist – Eshan Morshed Sefat

Coat: MSGM Pussy Cat Coat; Skirt: MSGM Pussy Cat Skirt. VooStore.

Jacket: Raf Simons Oversized Down Coat; Shoes: Marni Belice Sneakers. VooStore.


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