22.09. 2016

KENZO x H&M visuals are HERE

hm_kenzo_campaign_suboi hm_kenzo_campaign_iman hm_kenzo_campaign_chancetherapper

Jah jah jah jah. On hullult tuus. Jean-Paul Goude tulistas modellivaid Chance The Rapper’it, Iman’i ja Suboi’d. Ma ei oska muud öelda kui, et KENZO X H&M kollektsioon tuleb CAPSLOCKIS UUSTUUS.
Yes yes yes yes yes. It’s looking great. Jean-Paul Goude shot such models as Chance The Rapper, Iman and Suboi. What can I say, I just have to leave the capslock on and scream AWESOME THIS IS WHAT NEWKEWL IS ABOUT.

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