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26.11. 2014


Ma olen inspireerivate huvitavate sõrmuste pilte kogunud juba aastaid ja mõtlesin, et laoks välja nad ja uuriks järele ka hinnad ja päritolu, niisama inspiratsiooniks ja võrdluseks, et kuidas on asjadega universumis. Siin on siis valik mu pildikogust. Osad asjad ka täitsa soetatavad. Jõulud kohe ju.
I have been collecting inspirational ring pictures for years and finally got over the lazyness and decided to share them with you. I also researched some prices and info, just you know, to see what is worth what and so. So here we have some of my favourites. Some of them still in stock. Christmas!
etsy.com/shop/ulala $27 Shop is taking a break :(

Part of the Kloset Design SS2013 collection, no longer in stock but a beautiful idea tho. And check out the collection, it’s magical.

Kristjan Eyjolfsson


Tourmaline Art Deco
Bernhard Schobinger
Bernhard Schobinger Infinite Loop in Two Tapering Wedged Colours, 1970, As a wedding ring for a friend who is a mathematician (one of two) Private collection, Switzerland
Réka Lörincz
Glenda Lopez
Réka Lörincz GYURU not for sale :/
Belle Du Jour jewelmint
Henri Lou  $88 out of stock
K Bo Sonne
E for Effort

25.11. 2014

l officiel hommes germany

I happen to like some of the covers and such.



Mads Mikkelsen for L’Officiel Hommes Germany Fall 2013

Images Source: Google: L Officiel Hommes Germany

24.11. 2014


kaun_giveaway_uustuusKAUN collage by Helene Vetik

Koos esimese tulnud läinud lumega on jõulutunne juba olemas ja sõbrad kaunast teevad päkapikku ning kingivad ära 2 paari KAUNU. Osalemiseks palun kommentaaridesse mudeli nimi mida endale tahaks ja seda saab valida siit www.kaun.ee. Kaunad on eestis disainitud-toodetud auhinnatud disaineri Kärt Ojavee töö vili – villased, kerged, soojad, endal mul ka olemas. Osaleda võivad kõik asukohast ja soost olenemata, sest kõigi varbad väärivad kallistust eksole. 1 nädal on aega!
As the first snow has already done a little intro I shall go all christmassy with this KAUN giveaway. Here we have made and designed in Estonia full time wool slippers designed by an award winning lady Kärt Ojavee. Friends from Kaun have 2 pairs to give away and you just have to choose your favourite design from their homepage and write the name in the comments. It’s international, all can participate – everybody’s toes deserve a warm hug. You have 1 week!

SHOP KAUN: Siison & Apotheka

21.11. 2014

Lately in pictures


Sain näpata pildi suppernunnust griffoonipojukesest ja kui tundub ahvatlev hoopis teise pildi taustapilt, siis tegu on stuudio August moekunstiga. Muide sun rice on koolist saati mul üks lemmikuid snäkke, leidsin just kõige poest selle taas, 50 senti jes boss.
I got to snap a pic of this lovely griffon baby and if you like something that goes on on the background of the other one, it’s studio August fashion. By the way sunrice is one of my favourite snacks since school, found it again lately, 50 sents yay lets go.
Meie Hmmm’is oleme igati karuslooma farmide keelustamise poolt ja nagu näha ei pelga seda ka väljendada, kõik teisedki loomasõbrad on oodatud ühinema siin. Kõrval aga kunst mida saab näha kui jalutada meie poole mööda vanalinna.
We at Hmmm creative are pro animal rights and against cruelty and not afraid to show it, if you feel the same you can join us here. And on the other pic something that you meet on the way to our place thru Tallinn old town.


Leidsin omale sellise tuusa komplekti millest pildil näha vaid pusa, kuid tegu on ka seelikuga. Päritolu Seppäla, vaat kuidas ootamatuid tuusikuid ripub siin seal, nagu ise oleks disaininud. Rahulolu maksimumil. Pusa 17.95€ ja seelik 19.95€.
Found this awesome set in Seppäla, it actually has a skirt too. Love to find finds like this, looks like I’ve almost designed it myself. The hoodie is 17.95€ and the skirt is 19.95€.


Uus lemmik küünal ja uus lemmik kott. Küünla hind on päris päris krõbe, lõhnab väääga hästi küll – Isle of Wolf. Ja kott on Issey Miyake BAOBAO, hologram matemaatiline disainhullus, pärit internetimaalt.
Give it up for my new favourite candle and enw favourite bag. Candle is quite quite pricy, but smells damn well – Isle of Wolf. And the bag is Issey Miyake BAOBAO, mathematical architectural holographic crazyness from the internet land.


Vanalinnas on juba kuusk püsti ja jõulutunne tuleb peale. Ah ja nädalavahetusel käisime Madisega Helsinkis We got Beef lokaalis vinüüliäri tegemas, oma punase punniga ja punase pusaga, jõulud jõulud.
We already have a christmastree in the old town, spreading the jollymolly feeling all over town. And oh me and Madis went to Helsinki last weekend to sell some records at We got Beef, with our red red car and a red red outfit, christmassy I’m tellin ya.


19.11. 2014



Sõõrikud on armsad ja tore on kui saab ise miskit sõõrikuliseks teha. Siin on mu internetileidude varamust 2 tuusa DIY projekti sõõrikute teemal. Vaibake ja toolike. Vihjeks – toolikese projekti saab teha ka ilma kleebisteta niisama akrüüle kasutades, veelgi lihtsam.
Donuts are cute and making stuff that looks like ones is approximately as cute. Here are 2 wonderful DIY finds for donut lovers. A rug and a stool. A lil hint – you can also just paint a stool with regular acrylic paint if you can’t get any sticker material, easy.

DIY by Studio DIY


DIY by The House that Lars Built



18.11. 2014


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Meet the babes:

Aljona www.behindthescenesprgirl.net ✖ Anna Elisabeth www.annaelisabeth.net ✖ Britta www.brittatalving.com ✖ Lucine www.lucine-a.com ✖ Mari-Liis suvimariliis.blogspot.com ✖ Merily www.sequinblog.com




Photography by Anete Palmik


Mulle on internetiversumist silma jäänud selline kingakuju nagu Rajah Flats. Hullult mugavad tunduvad. Hullult mitte praeguses kliimas, täitsa vastupidi isegi. Mõtted on mujal noh. Vaatasin, et Free People’s olemas, 42 eurtsi.
These shoes that go by the name Rajah Flats have cought my eye online. Not really going to work with nowaday weather huh. Thoughts are wondering away. Availiable on Free People, 42€.


17.11. 2014

Mama, I’m a Model for Design Scene

Vintaaži-90’te-armu ja sädeluste keerises sattusime minu vanasse koolimajja tegema SEDA. Meie oleme 4 eesti naist – mina, fotograaf Anrike Piel, stilist ja meigikunstnik Liisa-Chrislin Saleh ning diiva disainer Kristel Jänes. Emps ma olen Modell visualiseerib iga petite naise unistust minna tagasi ajas ja muunduda geto supernaiseks. Mis on eriliselt tuus on muidugi see, et antud pildistamine sai tehtud editorialina New York väljaande Design Scene tarbeks. Kusjuures värvide mäng mida näete polegi photoshop, see on Anrike andekusega kohapeal sätitud valgus mis mängib Liisa osavate pintslitõmmetega peegeldudes just seal ja sinna kuhu vaja. Kõik mis ma ise pidin tegema on pool aastat ette veits spordisaalis higistama. Päriselt ka. Bodid mida mu seljas silmata võib pärinevad Crystal Rabbit kollektsioonist ning kogu vintaaž on Fankadelik.
In a swirl of vintage-love-90’s and glitter, we ended up in my old highschool shooting THIS. By WE I mean a team of 4 estonian girls – I as me, photographer Anrike Piel, stylist and MUA Liisa-Chrislin Saleh and diva designer Kristel Jänes. Mama I’m a Model visualises every shorties dream to go back in time and become a real superwoman of the ghetto. What is especially wonderful about this project is that it is a real editorial for a New York based Design Scene publication. All the magical colours you see in the photos are not photoshop, it’s a gift of Anrike setting right light on the location and brushstrokes of Liisa forwarding that light in the right direction. All I had to do was hit the gym half a year before the shoot. For realz. Beautiful bodysuits are creations of Kristel Jänes – Crystal Rabit and all that vintage is Fankadelik.



I thank our team from the heart and feel serenity as my 29 year old self does something I never thought I’d get the chance to do.

Original article on the Design Scene.

14.11. 2014

Benji Knewman – New man in the house

Täna tõi postituvi mulle trükivärske Benji Knewman raamatukirja/bookzine’i. See tähendab siis seda, et üks ajakiri on üle 200 lehekülje paks ja on täis ka sellist sisu mida võib nimetada raamatuks. Sees on illustratsioonid/fotod/jutud inimestelt ja loomakestelt kellel on lastud teha lihtsalt seda mis nad tahavad teha. Eriti tuus on see, et trükise päritolumaa on Läti, kuid sisu on topeltkeelne, ehk siis kes teab mida tähendab Hello is it you I’m looking for saab ka lugeda ilusti. Hind on 15€ ja tellida saab siit ning äkki õnnestub tore Benji saada ka mõnda eesti poodi? Võiks ju, vähemalt Biidi osas sebin Madist. Aga tuusa reedet ja homme näeb.
Today I had a visit from a post dove and she brought me a new bookzine (a magazine that’s over 200 pages and has a content worth a book) called Benji Knewman. It’s a completely new kewl print and what’s especially kewl is that it comes from Latvia but is bilingual. So if you are reading this you can read Benji as well. More about the content – it’s just by people and creatures who enjoy what they do and do it in a magazine, for people who want to enjoy stuff as well, photography, illustrations, stories. The price is 15€ and you can get it here. I hope to get the thing in some stores in Estonia too, wachu think? Would be nice. Have a kewl friday and adios til tomorrow.
Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 11.22.31


Life that you can read
Benji Knewman is a man, around 38 years old. He’s trying to be genuine, and it seems he sometimes manages. Just like his grandfather who used to say: “Ben, how you spend your day is how you spend your life!” Currently Benji Knewman is more everywhere than anywhere. Mostly on the road. He’s still in search of his own perfect day. While looking for it, he curates a biannual bookazine telling stories about people who don’t pretend and who can simply be. Covering a myriad of vocations and lifestyles, as well as geographical locations, they’re living proof that you don’t have to be conventional to have a good life.

In the end, everything is going to be great.

13.11. 2014

New wristwatch and #BLOGGERSMARKET to watch

Aasta tagasi kaotasin ära oma eluarmsa casio kella millele olin väga truu igapäevane kandja ning nutsin teda aasta otsa taga, mõtlesin samasugust isegi osta, kuid teate küll kuidas suhted kelladega tekivad, ma tahtsin just sedasama kulunud armsat kella mitte mingit koopiat. Aaanyhow, nüüd sai siis proovile pandud kui truu ma tegelikult olen ja selgus, et olen kellapetja. Uueks ajanäitajaks on mul selline Daniel Wellington, Kostjale ka meeldib nagu näha ja tunne on väga fancy. Koodiga “uustuus” saab kuu lõpuni ka wellingtoni e-poes 15% soodukat, poletänuväärt :)
A year ago I lost my beloved casio wristwatch, RIP dear. And for a year I was missing it and even thought of buying an exact same one but youknow how it is with watches, I was missing the same old feeling not a replica of it. And now I get to test how reliable watch-lover I really am. Well.. It seems that I’m a watch slut. Woops! Obsessed over this cute Daniel Wellington wristwatch and got it too. Pretty fancy feeling I must say. And I also got a coupon for all yall 15% discount at their webshop which is “uustuus” and you can use it til the end of the month, thank me later :)



Ja veel tuletan meelde, et laupäeval Hetkes on kell 12-17 #BLOGGERSMARKET. Sorteerin hoolega asju ja tõden, et oufak nad ei mahu tegelikult ühele stangele ära ja AURUTAN neid isegi, et oleks kenam katsuda ja proovida. Hindadeks siis 2 kuni 20 euri nii et kaasa tuleb võtta cashi, võib ka tommy cashi. Aurutan esimest korda elus ja no, aurutaja kuskurat sa enne olid! See siin on Laurastar ja vaatamata kirvele hinnale hoiab kokku aja ja kuivpuhastuste pealt, sest lihtsalt kangast puutumata vehin sellega üle rõiva ja kangas muutub pehmeks ja sirgeks. Pildil aurutan villast jakki klaaspärlitega, triikrauaga oleksin hulluks triikinud. Igastahes, näeb marketil ja suuuuuured tänud toetajatele, ilma asukoha-toitaineteta-iluaineteta-abistajateta poleks mitte midagi ju.
And I must remind you that there is going to be a first ever #BLOGGERSMARKET in Tallinn at Hetk on Saturday 12-17:00. For that matter I am sorting stuff and steaming stuff and must admit that it won’t fit onto one rack, dunno what to do with all the rest. Prices are from 2 to 20 euros, so bring some cashy cash. Oh and I’m steaming for the first time ever and it’s daymn magic. Working that Laurastar I think steamers are expensive indeed, but considering time and dry cleaning bills it’s quite ok. Couldn’t make this woolen glass beaded jacket look normal other way. So. See you at the market and great thanks to the supporters without a place-drinks-goodies-people there would be nothing.



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